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Rachid Taha biography

Rachid Taha (born 1958 in Oran, Algeria) is a French-Algerian musician. His music is influenced by many different styles such as raï, techno, rock and punk. Based in Paris, France where he began his solo career after his beginnings as the leader of the French rock band "Carte de Séjour", he usually sings in Arabic. Rachid Taha moved from Algeria to Alsace and then Vosges, France, where his father had already emigrated, in 1970. In 1981, while living in Lyon, France, Rachid Taha met Mohammed and Moktar Amini. The two of them, Rachid, Djamel Dif and Eric Vaquer would later form the band Carte de séjour ("residence permit") and record their first maxi single Carte de Séjour in 1983. Their first LP Rhoromanie, came out in 1984. Their second and last LP entitled Deux et Demi was released in 1986 and included their famous and ironic cover of Douce France, originally sung by Charles Trenet. The band dissolved in 1989.

Politically-engaged, Rachid Taha has always stood up to defend democracy, tolerance and altruism against racism, fundamentalism and discrimination. His breakthrough album as a solo artist was Diwan, featuring remakes of songs for the Maghgrebi and Arab traditions. It was his album Tékitoi, Produced by Steve Hillage and released in 2004, also brought him great acclaim and recognition from other Rock musicians. In 2005 Rachid Taha has performed with Robert Plant, Patti Smith and Brian Eno.

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