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Name : Amr Mostafa
Country : Egypt
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Amr Mostafa biography

Amr Mostafa was born in Cairo, on December 31; Amr Mostafa lived in a normal family of 2 sisters and one brother. He was talented since his first years is school, composing Arabic poems in school books. The first toy he brought was a guitar (a very small guitar) when he was 3.

Amr Mostafa entered air force high school and he stayed there for a year and then he quitted it because he didn't like to be prisoner in a school he wanted always to be free.

Amr Mostafa left it although he always wanted to be a pilot. Amr Mostafa entered then faculty of law, Cairo University. He made the university song. it called (Gamaatna) and another song for the Palestinian case and the judgments liked it so much and he won because of it the prize of the best composer in the university. One of the judgments was Dr Adel Omar. Dr Adel omar was teaching in Cairo university and he was also one of the most popular song writers. And he shared in most albums of Ihab Tawfik and Mostafa Ammar and Amr Diab in that time. Dr Adel had the lyrcis of Khaleek Fakerny and he gave it to Amr Mostafa to whether he can make a melody on it. And Amr Mostafa did. Amr Mostafa made one of the most famous and excellent songs in Arabic music. Dr Adel offered the song o the famous singer Amr Diab which he loved so much and that was the first song Amr Mostafa sold in his life. And then was the begenning of the story.

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