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Heba Mokhtar

Name : Heba Mokhtar
Country : Egypt
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Heba Mokhtar biography

Full Name : Heba Mokhtar Shehata Elsayed
Father's Job: a previous agent in the Ministry
of culture and he was the supervisor of
Abdel halim nowera band and a composer
Her mother :was a journalist and had a sweet voice
Birthplace : Cairo
Number of brothers :2 Hisham is agraduate from
the faculty of lows and he is a businessman
Ahmed is a student in conserfator institute
The highest degree for Heba :high institute of
Arabic Music
Birthdate : 10/8
She wants to be like : omm Kalthum , Shadea and
Abdel Halim Hafez
The favourite song: asmar ya smarani
Sabri alik tal
The favourite songbird : Angham ,Magda elromi and Asala
The favourite singer : she loves all voices
The favourite international singer : Celine dion Maria cari
The favourite film : ashat hob
The favourite foreign film : kingdom of the heaven
The favourite arabic actor :Ahmed zaki Ahmed Elsa'a
The favourite arabic actress : Shadea , Suad hosani
Mona zaki
The favourite international actor : George kaloni
The favourite international actress : Geniffer lopez
The most important characters that helps heba
to be a good singer : Hamied elshary
he predicated that heba will have abright future
in singing and called her Daliada 2000
he compossed the first song called
Matfakrash feeah and olhaly
the composer Helmi bakr and ratiba elhafny
mona abdel ghani and her professors in the college
The favourite foods : basta ,vegetables and fruits
Her message for observer : iwish to be agood singer
and introduce every thing new
Heba mokhtar

High degee in music certification

Heba Mokhtar discography
discographie de Heba Mokhtar

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