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Mohamed Hamaki

Name : Mohamed Hamaki
Country : Egypt
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Mohamed Hamaki biography

Hamaki (Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed ElHamaki), a new Egyptian star of his own kind emerged to life on the 4th of November 1975, Cairo Egypt. His father was an electric engineer who practiced his work in London, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Who played an integral role towards Hamaki’s professional singing career. However Hamaki’s talent was not discovered at that stage, it all goes back to his childhood as he used to sing for his school’s anniversaries & celebrations. Mohamed Hamaki the child had a great ability to listen to any type of music and play it on a number of instruments especially the key board.

Mohamed Hamaki loved his music to a great level of detail and passion and from here he earned his degree in Arabic music and graduated at the Cairo academy of arts.

Ever since Mohamed Hamaki entered the music arena he made connections with a number of composers and artists and most importantly met Tarek Madkour (One of the most respected and extremely talented Musical arrangers in the middle east, a man of huge achievements and experience with the best artists in the middle east) who took Mohamed Hamaki on board and decided to support him and raise his talent to another level. Mohamed Hamaki managed to introduce himself to the audience through a number of singles. Starting with a song in 'Lekaa' el Nogoom' album, followed by a single in 'Sa'aaedi in the American University' and 'Hammaam in Amsterdam' albums, then he took part in the opera band 'Eid ala Eid' at the opening of the Nile TV channels, also Hamaki sang in another opera band with a number of famous Egyptian and Arabic stars in the 'El Quds Haterga' Lena'. Hamaki collaborated with Hameed El Shaery and sang a single 'Sa'altak Habeebe' in Hameed's album 'Bahebek ya Fairuz'.

After all these experiences and from that point it was all about shaping Hamaki the star and creating his personalized image, style and musical vision. Hamaki’s focus on songs, lyrics and innovation was his ultimate aim during his pre & production process for his first ever coming album. The result was a strongly honest, soulful record ‘Khaleena Ne’eesh’ where Hamaki’s personality and musical influence by Tarek Madkour took place. ‘Khaleena Ne’eesh’ was released in 2003 where it integrated with the audience and gained lots of attention and success.

Since the release of 'Khalena Ne'eesh' Mohamed Hamaki and Madkour unfortunately had some misunderstandings and where not able to produce the second album, till 2005 they came back with a single 'Yana Yanta', which was filmed in Lebanon and resurfaced Hamaki's appearance and engagement with his fans.

Mohamed Hamaki and without the existence of Tarek Madkour finally managed to produce his second album ‘Kheles El Kalam’ summer 2006, after 3 years from his first album ‘Khaleena Ne’eesh’. Mohamed Hamaki awarded his fans what they've been longing for, a stunning hit which blew their minds off and topped their sensations. 'Kheles El Kalam' according to the production company "Delta Sounds" and the fans is to be one of the most successful albums out in the market.

Respectively, Mohamed Hamaki has achieved several awards 'best artist' from both Egyptian and Arabic charts, also he received an Oscar award from 'ElMehwar' channel for his first album 'Khaleena Ne'eesh'. Recently Mohamed Hamaki was given 'best artist' for 2005 by 'Akhbar El Nogoom' charts on his single 'Yana Yanta'.

Hamaki's domestic life is just as pleasing as his musical career. He cherishes and dedicates his time with his family.

Mohamed Hamaki appreciates sport and surprisingly could have been one of the youth players in 'El Ahly' football club, his talent should have gave him the chance but it wasn't written for him to continue. Mohamed Hamaki yet plays football occasionally and with his musical band crew on play station.

Mohamed Hamaki's hard work and passion to creating quality music and new stylized musical techniques was and will continuously be his ultimate aim throughout the years.

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