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Name : Toni Qattan
Country : Jordanie
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Toni Qattan biography

On the 11th of August, 1985 Toni Qattan was born under the zodiac sign Leo, into a supportive family consisting of his parents, his brother, sister and himself in their small-home town in outskirts of Jerusalem. His talent in music was born with him. While most of us spent hours playing hide and seek as children, Toni dreamt, breathed, and lived for music. At the tender age of eight, Toni began learning how to play the guitar and piano. He also made his own band which was very famous in their hometown. After acquiring a strong talent in musical composition, Tony started enhancing his talents in Oriental and western singing.

It was only a matter of time before we started hearing Toni’s songs played out on the Radio, and then watching their video clips on satellite TV channels. His two hit singles where “Betghib Alayah” and the recent “Awedtini Sahr il Layali.” Toni already established himself as a successful music composer and writer, recently he composed a song for Lebanese singer Joe Ashkar, and Arab Superstar Diana Karazon to name a few. From his long list of admirers in the entertainment business, Lebanese artist Fadel Shaker is always keen on meeting with Toni to listen to his latest words and tunes.

In his young career, he has managed to make himself a name of being “Motreb il Shabab,” (Youngsters No. 1 Singer) and is trying to please his fans and listeners by appearing in numerous concerts and events.

“Being a student surely limits my time” Toni confesses, “But never the less, music is my passion and I live for it”. Toni is a Business Administration student in University expected to graduate in a year.

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