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Amal Hijazi

Name : Amal Hijazi
Country : Liban
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Amal Hijazi biography

During her fast rising career Amal Hijazi, who initially worked as a model, has proven her excelling voice. Her ravishing Pop-star appearance fascinated the Arab world. Her family and friends discovered her talent quite early and producers were easily convinced of her future success.

Amal's first single was called "Halan" ("Right Away") in 2000, it was followed by her second single "Rayyah Balak" ("Put Your Mind at Ease") one year later, for which she also shot a music video. On the same year her debut album "Akher Gharam" including the hit single "Rayyah Balak" was produced by Dilara Master Production and distributed by Music Master. The critics were thrilled and her first step on the way to becoming a super-star was a hit.

The debut album ranked eighth on the official sales charts, the album included numerous hits singles like "Akher Gharam" ("Last Love"), "Ghanneit" ("I Sang") and "Rayyah Balak" ("Put Your Mind at Ease"), which were kept Amal Hijazi on the Top Twenty Charts for six months.

Yet her first steps in live performances were rather influenced by stage fright, even though her modeling experience gave her the ability to capture the audience. But soon Amal Hijazi overcame her fears and on she went with her live performances.

Not much later, in July 2001, Amal Hijazi performed as the opening artist for Raï star Faudel at La Marina in Lebanon, which was her first time in Beirut after her concerts in Dubai.

A short while ago Amal Hijazi signed a contract, which should bring her into a new light and increase her popularity all over the Arab world.

Amal's new album called "Einak" ("Your Eyes") is again produced by Dilara Master Production and includes as the title song a great duet with the Raï star Faudel, of which the music video was broadcasted all over the Arab Satellite Channels. Hijazi's massive hits include 'Zaman', and 'Romancia'.

The career of Amal Hijazi is surely not over yet. With her passionate voice and her unique appearance Amal Hijazi may possibly climb the ladder till the very top.

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