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Name : Azar Habib
Country : Liban
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Azar Habib biography

Azar Habib was born on the 28th of November 1945 in Marj Oyoun, Lebanon.  Azar Habib lived there till he was four years old and then his family moved to Beirut.  As a child, Azar loved painting and drawing which led him to study Painting and Architecture when he grew up.

At the age of 18, Azar's interests were focused on music and that was when he started playing the guitar.  In 1962, along with some of his friends, Azar Habib formed a music band and called it "Los Diavalos" and later changed its name to "Los Cavalieros".  The band used to sing the famous western songs of that time for Enrico Mascias, Johnny Holiday and all the stars of that era.  

Azar habib is considered to be one of the very first creators of the new style in music at that time which mixed western music with eastern music.  Critiques and artists of the time believe that it is Azar Habib who made it possible for modern music to benefit from the light western rythm and the meaningful eastern words and rich music style. 

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