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Bassem Moughnieh

Name : Bassem Moughnieh
Country : Liban
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Bassem Moughnieh biography

Sign is the Capricorn. Bassem Moughnieh is fluent in his mother tongue languge that is Arabic, also fluent in English and in French. His hobbies besides acting are Basket ball,Karate, Reading,Various Sports and etc…..

Bassem Moughnieh received his degree in Baccalaureate II official (experimentale Math), 1993-1994. He also obtained his Diploma in acting in 1997-1998 at the Lebanese university faculty of the National Institute of Fine Arts. He also has done his training experience at the pantomime et d'expression corporelle dans le cadre du Festival de Pau(France).His work experience is really wide and extensive since he has Five Years of Theaching experience and has shared in many theatre productions, some of these experiences are, "Al Fahel" (Gracia Markez) Beirut Theatre, “Nejinsky saat likaahi bil rab” (Majdi Abou Matar) Madina Theatre, “Al raghif” (Toufik Youssef Awad)Lebanese university Theatre, “Iskandariya bahrik ajaib” (Yaakoub Al-Chidrawi) Madina Theatre, “Al aakir” which gained an appreciation reward in Tunesia (Ayman Bitar) Beirut Theatre, “Al jarima wal ikab” which gained an award in Qartaj concert Tunesia (Distiyovski), “Shati ya dinyi sisan” which gained a golden medal at the televison awards at Qairo(Karim DakroubMadina Theatre), “Raghba tahta shajarat al dirdar”(Yujin oniel) “Khabriyet” (bassem moughnieh) this was a show for his students at Amliyeh high school for girls in 1999 – 2000 that got an award for best school theatre performance in Lebanon.

His television experience was a lot wider than his theatre one he has many tv appearances and some of these are: “Al asifa tahubou maratayn” (Chikri Anis fakhoury) TL, “Tijara an tirad” (Marwan Najjar)Lbc, “Mada al omor” (Marwan Najjar)TL, “Talbin al erb” (Marwan Najjar)Lbc “Mawasim khayr” (Marwan Najjar) LBC, “Rim7 lnar” (Najdat Anzour)MBC, “Nora” (Chikri Anis Fakhouri)NTV, an Egyptian series “Imraa min zaman al hob” (Ousama Anwar Oukacha)LBC, Kuwaiti series “ Al wraith” Orbit, “Hassad al mawasem” (Marwan Najjar-Fouad Slayman)LBC, “Al jibal hina tanhar” (Youssef charaf aldine-Khalil Choujaa)LBC,

“Rajul mina lmady” (Elie Maalouf) LBC, “Al mi7tala” (Elie Habbib)MTV, “Khataya saghira” (Elie Maalouf ) Lbc, “Zahrat al kharif” (Shikri Anis fakhouri )newtv, “Suwar al ain”( Najdat Anzour).

Bassem Moughnieh got allot of trophies and awards that we can sum up by the following:

An award for best popular male actor (2000-2001-2002)

An award in Qartaj concert Tunesia for the best prommesing actor in the play “Al jarima wal ikab”

Murex d'or trophy for best male actor(2004)

Phoenix award for best commercial about the mediteranian sea bank

An award as Lebanon’s champion in karateh sports (1993-1992-1991-1990-1989-1988-1987shotokon)

A bronze medal as third place in the mediteranian sea championship in France (1993)

Once Bassem Moughnieh got his first offer to sing, he received warm applause from the audience, his relatives and his friends who were attracted to his way and style in singing. Bassem Moughnieh decided after that to release his first song "Min 3eyouni". Bassem Moughnieh did not expect this reaction from audience as he gained their admiration and he won their hearts quickly. Then Bassem Moughnieh released his seconed song "Ba3ref sawtak", both of them shot in video clips. Moreover, Bassem topped the list of singers in satellite channels.Bassem Moughnieh is now hard at work on his first full-length CD.Bassem Moughnieh began preparing for his first album with new ideas for a whole year. This album will be his real chance for stability and progress in the world of stardom.Bassem has been singing since 3 years. Bassem Moughnieh picked up playing the guitar at summer camps when he was sixteen and has been amazing audiences with his talents ever since. His songs and style are inspired by others.

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