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Fady Badr

Name : Fady Badr
Country : Liban
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Fady Badr biography

Fadi Badr started his career at the TV competition show "studio el Fan". Fadi Badr was granted the golden medal at Beirut for the popular song category while he was still a student at the law school.

Fadi Badr dreamt of celebrity since he was a kid. Fadi Badr grew up in Greece because of the situation at the time.
Fadi Badr enjoys swimming, all kinds of sports and music. However, Fadi's ambition didn't end with his achievement at the TV program. Fadi Badr performed in well known night clubs in Lebanon such as Xanadou and Shabaco ... Fadi Badr also performed in Egypt, where his successful events were appreciated among the egyptian youth; he also had activities in several other Arab contries.
Special with his charismatic presence on stage that helps keep people up late partying around. Fadi Badr recorder a duo album along with egyptian artist Shirine Wajdi "Ashek Maashouk".

Fadi Badr decided to lead his career on a serious professional track, the first fruits were produced by "Diva" production house, owned by Mr. Assaaad Abou Rashed, who believed in him since the first time he saw him singing; thus selected him for the production of the entire album, that was one of the first house products. It enclosed the first clip from Fadi: "Yaji Yamshi" nicely realized with highest techniques.

Fadi Badr traveled in Egypt several times to follow-up on the production of his album and to several and to several arab countries to perform in live performances and concerts.

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