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Georges Al Rassi

Name : Georges Al Rassi
Country : Liban
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Georges Al Rassi biography

Georges Al Rassi was born at Baabda, Lebanon in 1980 into a distinctively artistic family. His father, who plays "Oud", encouraged him to sing as did his actress mother, and it soon became apparent that Georges was fifted with a voice, both beautiful and melodious.

Georges is determined, ambitious and has a serious side to him in spite of his 17 years and he intents to continue his academic education in parallel with his artistic one as he believes both to be of vital importance. At 16 years old Georges Al Rassi won his first contract a six months agreement to perform at "options", the international night club, at Kaskil, Lebanon.

Georges Al Rassi has since archied great popularity and success at other Lebanese clubs such as "La fotuna" and "Al Atlal", as well as in a number of tourist locations such as "Medraj Safra" and the "Yasmine Festival" at Hadath. futher afield he has already appeared at one of Dubai's five star hotels during a period of a month.

In july 1995 Georges Al Rassi met the well-known composer "Samir copty". Samir bilieved in Georges Al Rassi gifted voice and his meting led to his first hit "Min Ya Habbibi Min" This was followed, in August, by appearances at the "Mayrouba Festival" with "Chahroura Sabah".

Today he remains much in demand on the club and hotel circuit. Following the success of his first hit a second followed, "Min Ghader El hob", also composed by "samir Copty", which in turn led to the singing of a long term agreement with the "Carte Blance.

Night Club "Georges Al Rassi climb up the ladder of fame continues apace and he has been proud to have signed his first recording contrast with "EMI Music Arabia", which happily coincided with the opning of EMI Music Lebanon, and with whom he is entrusting his future success.

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