Haifa Wehbe     هيفاء وهبي

Haifa Wehbe

Name : Haifa Wehbe
Country : Liban
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Haifa Wehbe biography

A dazzling beauty from Lebanon. Haifa Wehbe has been able to capture the lime light through her stunning charm, captivating presence, eye-catching elegance and fascinating allure. This sultry charm has been her passport to the world of fame, fashion and music.

At the age of 16, Haifa Wehbe won a beauty contest in South Lebanon, and in 1995, took part in the Miss Lebanon competition where she won the title of “Most beautiful young woman in Lebanon”. A year later, she was in massive demand for fashion shows. Owing to her beauty, which perfectly just rates Arab and Eastern women’s beauty, her photos made the cover of more than 100 magazines. Likewise through the Internet sites that clamoured for her eye catching appeal she was voted “The most beautiful woman in the world” by her fans.

From here, encouraged by the Rotana music company and her, legions of cheering fans, Haifa Wehbe has made a natural and seamless progression into singing. Her Album “Howa el zaman” is the first fruit of the co-operation between her and Rotana. Believing in Haifa’s talent, Rotana offered her its utmost support at the time when many others were sceptical.

Haifa Wehbe took her new career very seriously and was extremely selective and meticulous in her choice of the album’s lyrics and music and her choice of producers and arrangers. She performs the songs with a voice so sweet that it penetrates directly into the heart.Since her early childhood, Haifa Wehbe imagined herself singing on a giant stage. Today, she watches her persistent efforts bear fruit and her childhood dreams come true. Yet she realizes that she will have to work tirelessly and responsibly to achieve these dreams.Optimistic beyond all limits, she has great hopes for her future believing that one should take up without hesitation any step that might bring happiness.

Her first album, “Howa el zaman”, is a huge once in a lifetime opportunity for her, and this is why she is handling it so carefully. Unpretentious and simple, she hugely appreciates the encouragement of her fans and close friends and considers that both her family and now her new Record Company have had a great impact on her life, along with the group of lyricists and composers who put their trust in her and helped make her first album.

Singing is her main hobby, along with painting. She adores the sea, sun and nature in general. She also likes writing, drawing her inspiration from day to day life, whether private or public, happy or sad.She is the beautiful Haifa Wehbe – top beauty queen, fashion model and now singer who has been strong enough to overcome any difficulties and obstacles placed in her way and interpret her childhood dreams in an album, which will surely propel her into stardom in the music world.

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