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Name : Jad Choueiri
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His mother recalls him starting to sing Madonna's songs before he could even speak properly. At 10 when his parents moved to the mountains and stayed in a hotel because of the war, he used to personally ask the hotel residents to come see him dance, sing and do sketches every friday, making them even pay entry free for them to take him seriously! In his school, french establishment L'Athénée de Bayrouth, he was always an A+ student and formed in his own house on his birthday inviting over 100 people. Jad Choueiri got his scientific French Baccalaureate in 1977 scoring one of the highest grades in the Middle East that year in Frensh literature.

Though his parents desperately wanted him to make medical or political studies (his grandfather being a politician), Jad Choueiri insisted on going into the world of arts and started his movie directing studies in "L'Ecole de Réalisation Audiovisuelle" in ALBA. Jad Choueiri was the first in his class when he left the country two years later after being accepted in La Sarbonne Paris III. Jad Choueiri got his degree in "Arts du Spectacle Option Etudes Cinématographiques" and spent more than three years in Paris traveling around, meeting people and playing in a couple of French university plays. Jad Choueiri also played in a Canadian experimental movie called "Traînée de bruit"

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