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Joana Mallah

Name : Joana Mallah
Country : Liban
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Joana Mallah biography

Choosing a road with an unpredictable end, Joanna Mallah was motivated by her unique talent, her love of beautiful music, and her family's belief in her. It started in 1993 when she participated in "Studio Al Fann" in folk music category competition. Joanna Mallah sang the famous songer Shadia's songs and earned the gold medal, thanks to her beautiful voice and enchanting presence. In 1994, Joanna Mallah started her successful professioanl career and soon became one of the well known artits of the Arab Wolrd.

Joanna Mallah was named "the Beloved Singer" and "The Cordial One of Arab Art" by Mr. george Ibrahim Al Khoury, who's one of the most prominent figures in the worl of Arab artists.
Joanna Mallah has seven albums so far.

Joana Mallah discography
discographie de Joana Mallah

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