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Madeleine Matar

Name : Madeleine Matar
Country : Liban
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Madeleine Matar biography

Cute, sweet, soft and sensual,could be moody so don't mess with me.
If you do the situation could be kind of funny. First I'm quiet then
I scream and then I burst out laughing. Sweetness is my weakness so I
truly am sweet and if you see me walking by on the street just call me
sweaty and if I don't reply I am probably late since the world needs to
meet me.
My life is chaotic wana imm ajaa. Thank God for my friends they keep me
in line, organized, and watch out for my best interest God bless them,
I truly love them. Though my biggest fan and friend is my mom "mom I love you big time",
family and friends are important in my life. My dad passed away and my
siblings are married, I need all the love I could get and that is where my mother fits in I
know you can be my fan so listen up and keep up with my work I do need your love and your positive
energy so artistically I could grow and flourish in the industry.

Madeleine Matar, the distinguished new up and comming artist, is now making a great presense
in the Middle East. Once upon a time, Madeleine accompanied the great artist
Mr. Wadih El Saffi in a grand concert in London where he presented her on stage.
For the first time the press acknowledge her presence, her voice and wrote about her in an eye catching way. That is the day where
her love for the art grew from a hobby to a profession and she approached music whith a different
sensation. The beginning of her professional career was the Program (Kaas al Nujoum), (kaas al Fananna Latifa)& she won (Kaas al Jamhour) in 1998
Madeleine studied oriental singing at the grand music conservatory for four years & then moved to the world of concerts & performancce. She sang in many countries namely the Arab
Emirates, Bahrain, Paris, London and Spain.

In 2001 she singed a contract with Rotana company and produced her first album titled (Raydah), the deal included 3 video clips for "La Jamal El
Shokr ", "Aashka Ya Leili" and "Rayadah". Under the direction of Said Al Marouk the clips were produced. Her
presence, sense of humor and beauty in the filming attracted attention and was loved by all the viemers.
Miss Matar was involved in many festivals among them AL Bahrain and The Marina in the northern Littoral where
she was allied with success.
In the year 2003 Madeleine released a new album called "Ala Bali Hawak". Rotana also produced the new album with its main
song being a hit. The clip was filmed in Marbelle Spain (Arous Sahel El Sharmes). As usual the outstanding Said Al Marouk directed the filming which
gave him a new look on the presentation of Madeleine Matar.

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