Maya Nasri     مايا نصري

Maya Nasri

Name : Maya Nasri
Country : Liban
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Maya Nasri biography

Maya Nasri مايا نصري lived in Tripoli till she finished high school, she went to Ste. Famille school, and was always on top of her class. When she finished high school, Maya Nasri moved to Beirut, and joined the "Lebanese University, the fine arts institute" to study "Stage, TV and Cinema Acting and Directing".

Maya Nasri is still trying her best to finish her university degree, Maya Nasri مايا نصري explains: "I learned from my parents that, education is important and indispensable, no matter how successful and well off a person is." During these years, Maya Nasri worked to support herself, and pay for her education; she did modeling, TV Commercials, and acted in TV series, cinema, and theater. Maya Nasri describes these different experiences saying: "acting helped me a lot later on when I became a singer; I learned how to deal with camera, and face the audience in live performances." Maya Nasri add: "I have great passion for acting that is equal to my passion for singing if not more, I dream of performing in a musical that will make use of my acting and singing talents."

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