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Melhem Zein

Name : Melhem Zein
Country : Liban
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Melhem Zein biography

Melhem Zein, also transliterated Melhem Zain (Arabic: ملحم زين) (Born October 21, 1982 in the Lebanese Beqaa, Lebanon in a town called Chemestar). His stardom began after being ranked 3rd in Super Star 1, the Pan-Arab version of Pop Idol,. Earlier, when he was 16, he first participated in an Amateur Singing Program called Kaas Al Nojoum (The Cup of the Stars) On LBC Channel for singing Ya Jarat Al Wadi ( The Neighbour of the Valley) for Mohammed Abd El Wahhab. Melhem Zein receives the title of Al Rayyes (The Boss) of the Lebanese folklore songs from George Ibrahim El Khouri and his fans for singing Endak Bahriyya Ya Rayyes for the Lebanese singer Wadi El Safi on Super Star. Now Melhem Zein leads his own singing career. Melhem Zein has released two albums (Enti Msheeti)2004 and Baddi Hibbik ( I want to love you ) in the summer of 2006. Both albums have enjoyed great success throughout the arab world thereby solidifying Melhem Zein as a star.

Melhem Zein includes Wadi El Safi, Mohammed Abd El Wahhab and Nazem Al Ghazali as his main musical inspiration.

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