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Nawal Zoghbi

Name : Nawal Zoghbi
Country : Liban
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Nawal Zoghbi biography

Nawal Al Zoghbi (Arabic نوال الزغبي), full name Nawal George Al Zoghbi, is a successful Lebanese singer, performing in Arabic she has a solid fan base throughout the Arabic-speaking world and extending into Turkey and Europe. She has had a musical career that spans over 15 years.

Nawal Al Zoghbi was born June 29, 1972 in Lebanon. She began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician (her family changed their minds when they realized she was serious in her ambitions). She is influenced by the work of pioneering Arabic pop singers such as Egypt's Umm Kulthum and the very famous Arab singer Samira Said.

Nawal is the oldest of her three brothers and one sister. She is married to Elie Deeb and has three children: a daughter Tia, and twin sons Georgy and Joey. However she prefers to keep her personal life private. She released a song titled Tia which was dedicated to her daughter. She also owns a little production company named after her daughter, Tia Productions.

Nawal has been known for her distinctive performances, and has always taken her image into careful consideration. She constantly has changed her image much like Madonna and Kylie Minogue.

Nawal has always been known to take special care with her music. She has final say over her lyrics and songs as well as promotion. She has stated controlling her career is one of her keys to success.

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