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Nelly Makdessy

Name : Nelly Makdessy
Country : Liban
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Nelly Makdessy biography

The Lebanese Star Nelly Makdessy's Biography
Nelly Makdessy started her musical career in the amateurs TV program “Kaass El Noujoum” presented on LBC, where she won the first place, and got three golden cups. Nelly Makdessy was also studying law at the same time.
After her success in “Kaass El Noujoum” she devoted herself to music and published three albums in three years, the first was “Shouf el Ein”, her second “Ahli Arab” arriving to her third album “Ana Eh”.
Nelly Makdessy appeared on magazine's covers, the press and media followed her closely from the beginning of her career.Nelly Makdessy performed several festivals and parties in Lebanon, Arab World and abroad.
Nelly Makdessy appeared in many Lebanese and Arab TV shows and has made 6 video clips until now.
The First: “Wah Wah” directed by Rawad Daw
The Second: “Shouf el Ein” directed by Rawad Daw
The Third: “Mechi el Maghrour” directed by Chadi Hanna
The Fourth: “Chabki Chanouha” directed by Mirna Khayat
The Fifth: “Hali Halo” directed by Juliana Sfeir
The Sixth: “Ana Eh” directed by Salim El Terk and is currently showing on all Lebanese and Arab TV Stations.

Nelly Makdessy is currently proceeding her musical studies believing that the art is a gift, science, and a study.
Her Hobbies: Equitation, Swimming.
Favorite Season: Summer.
Favorite Food: Spaguetti.
Favorite Fruits: Mango and Pineapple.
Favorite Cars: BMW, Mercedes.

Nelly Makdessy discography
discographie de Nelly Makdessy

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