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Nicole Saba

Name : Nicole Saba
Country : Liban
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Nicole Saba biography

Lebanese singer and actress Nicole Saba has been nominated for a number of films which she will choose one to mark her second cinematic experience after her first film “Al Tajruba Al Denmarkia” (A Danish Experience) alongside Egyptian comedian-actor Adel Imam.

One of the films that Nicole Saba has been nominated for is “45 Days with the Egyptian actress Hanan Turk and a number of other young actors.

Nicole Saba had accepted the role in the film due to the fact that the story of the film really attracted her attention. Saba recently released her first solo music video for the song “Yali Shaghilni Beek” (I’m Occupied with you) under the direction of Nadine Labky. The director decided to present Nicole Saba in a new style which has not been used yet, as a secretary from the sixties.

The song is part of Nicole’s first solo album, which the singer hopes will mark her return to the singing world. Nicole Saba placed the final touches on her new album in Cairo . Alam El Phan produces the album “Ya Shaghilni Aineedk” which features ten songs.

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