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Aflak biography

Being of both French and Maroccan descent, no wonder AFLAK (The FAYET Brothers) have developed a linking for western music.They have chosen to play most sophisticated instruments such as electric guitar and synthesizers.They were first to introduce electronic music into maroccan songs. For their music, wich is neither rock nor raï and yet partakes of both, some people have imagined a new name : " MAROCK’N’ROLL ".

The FAYET brothers were born in Marrakech, a place well known for its cultural and musical traditions.As children they lived in Morocco and did not come to Mourenx (France) before 1980.

They have become pastmasters at composing and performing that highly rythmic pleasing music of theirs wich is a lucky combination of the musical heritage of their two different cultures.Their music was so successful that the group was chosen to represent young modern moroccan music at several international festivals (Alger, Tunis,Bruxelles,Paris, Bonn...).

Aziz, Lucien and Jamal FAYET are the tree " pillars " of the AFLAK group. Five other musicians (Drum, sax ,bass, guitar, percussions) contribute to assert the quality of their performances.

For ten years now they have been giving concerts before both french audiences and audiences of immigrants in Europe.Their new genre of moroccan songs has roused a great interest in mingling the sonorities and harmonies typical of Eastern music with trends of modernism.On the one hand they go on singing poems in dialectal arabic and onthe other hand they make use of all technological advancement.But if the üd (Lute) has been replaced by Keybords, the source of their inspiration has remaind ancestral. They are modern but without giving allgiance to any particular type of modernism.They keep the specific spirit and driving force of Estern music but don’t want their repertoire to be a mere collection of songs giving utterance to nothing else than longing after olden times.Their melodies may sometimes bring to mind some folk songs but the dancing rythms and rich arrangements turn their compositions into something quite different from folk music for it combines te contrasting effects of the typical Arab phrasing with the ternary and binary rythms of Rock,Funk,Reggae and sets off the instrumental duet bass and drum.

Far from being satisfied with composing new arrangements for already well known works, the AFLAK group has created a magic music all of its own.Writing text for the group, but not playing nor singing at their performances, there is another FAYET brother, the eldest one : Jean-Pierre/Abderrazak.

The first Album of AFLAK Produced by AAA was very successfull in Morocco and they have been programmed in many arabic TV shows, concerts and festivals : PARIS ( Bataclan, Le bourget SMAP) BRUXELLES ( Palais des congrés, Cirque Royal) Deutchland Tour ( Bonn, Dusseldorf, cologne,) and Morocco Tours (the Mohamed V theater, Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat...)

Their last Album " DINIMAAK " produced by Blue Silver and distributed by VIRGIN will contribute to assert the brillant reputation of AFLAK and assure the future development of moroccan music.

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