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Karima Skalli

Name : Karima Skalli
Country : Maroc
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Karima Skalli biography

Karima Skalli… a voice…
and the férie of a talent!  

The fineness has not at all address otherwise among the elected officials of the art, elected officials of which a voice that bewitches so by his velvety stamp that by the delicacy that some emanates… the voice of the Moroccan singer Karima Skalli.  

This diva of the Moroccan song succeeded seep in, gently but well strongly, in an artistic similar Arabic space to a minefield just as well by the difficulties to itself there to infiltrate as by the "bombs" that criss-cross it that and there.  

And nevertheless, here that she herself there finds mistress of the places, itself imposing by his sensual voice and the relevance of its choices digging in the beautiful and emotional memory of the classical Arabic song, with a special thought for the singer Asmahan of which the artist holds really the secret of voice.  

Karima Skalli grew among the grades of the music andalouse and melhoune, an advantage that had the big impact on its musical choices and that has, especially, forged his artistic personality of the most beautiful manners.  And the fruit is this big Moroccan voice that dictates his style with certainty and that continues to shine of thousand fires in the Arabic artistic space.  

Karima Skalli became, thanks to his artistic force, the regular of the big music festivals at the international level, festivals as the Festival and Congresses of the Music Arab to the cairo opera of which she is invited it annual.  A beautiful good homage to an artistic one very high quality.  

Karima Skalli discography
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