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Khansa Batma

Name : Khansa Batma
Country : Maroc
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Khansa Batma biography

Daughter of Mohamed Batma founder of Lemchaheb, groups years 70/80 and niece of Larbi Batma, leader charismatic of Nass El Ghiwane, it is quite naturally that this young 26 year old artist moved towards the music.

After a baccalaureat in visual art, Khansa launches out. Its first album “Melitek” left in 2001 will propel it on the Moroccan musical scene. The cinema, the mannequinat, the artist was plait in various fields. Meetings photographs for Cacharel, a first participation with Nabil Lahlou, then a first role for a project of film with the choreographer Abdellah Zinoun, Khansa explores various universes. In March, its second album will leave whose title “the doors of the desert” will be the first individual one.

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