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In “Dima Kaïne”, Said Mosker wanted to say, with words and rates/rhythms, that it forever left the artistic scene. Its absence during the four last years was also devoted to the music, but made up for the other singers. Meet with a young artist who makes a point of leaving the beaten paths, by daring a subtle mixture between various musical styles. Said Mosker returns on the national artistic scene. It returns there, before anything else, for saying that it left it forever. And then to present at its public, fruit of more than 15 years of career, “Dima Kaïne” (I am always there).

A manner as another for this artist casablancais to maintain mysterious relations with fans whom it had conquered in the years 1980, with its “Ghitouni”. An album entirely carried out by the artist and who had not been considered as such as by only one house of production. With the head of the latter, the first man trônait whom it believed in him and its talent, Malek. It is the beginning of a series of joint work which, with the wire of time, was transformed into a solid friendship. Moreover, the two artists are currently on the point of launching on the market their first duet. “That made a long time that we work together especially for purely humane causes (AIDS, Palestine, handicapped…) and one finally, at the end of 15 years of knowledge, decided to put at the world a duet! ”, announces the jovial air, Said Mosker. “Dima never” is the song which will gather, for the first time, these two artists with obvious complicity.

If Malek had supported it and contributed to the beginning to start a career in the world of the song, it is because it detected in its musical style something “of avant-gardist”. “By listening to the songs of “Ghitouni”, Malek, at the same time, was enchanted and deafened. My album, had it says at the time, is a subtle mixture and especially avant-gardist of several musical kinds: raï, reggae, funk and chaâbi”, remember it. And it is this style in fact which distinguishes Said Mosker from the other artists of her generation. A rule so simple that it once again applied in its very last album, “Dima Kaïne”. A gaining formula is not changed. More especially as Said Mosker has several cords with her arc: “Guitar, batteries, piano… I control the whole of the musical instruments, except the violin”.

Its experiment and its knowledge grew rich when it worked, by 2000 to 2004, as an engineer of sound in a house of casablancaise production. “It was really an occasion out of gold, since I had worked with multiple singers of various artistic kinds. Chaâbi with the spoke, while passing by the Berber one, I touched with all the Moroccan musical styles”, says it with a bit of pride. Before devoting themselves to the engineering of the sound and putting out of night light her career of singer, Said Mosker had remained in France, since 1996. And it is with the Hexagon where it had given full measurement to its art, while joining to famous Hamid Bouchnak. Of round in round, the duet even thought of founding its own studio.

The dream was concretized in Lilles, where Hamid Bouchnak and Said Mosker recorded the songs of young Maghrebian musicians. The adventure started by these two artists had ended, in 1998, with the launching of “My Tfahemnach”. Premonitory?! “It should be noted that this song was an insane success. It is true that this album is the last work which gathered us, but that does not want to say that we are not any more of the friends”, specifies it. Said Mosker is those which do not cease seeking new adventures. Moreover, it is preparing, in catimini, to launch out in new and ambitious project. All that it agreed to say is that it is about a collaboration with the large Algerian singer of the raï, Faudel. Said Mosker promises with her fans a beautiful surprise.

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