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Saida Fikri

Name : Saida Fikri
Country : Maroc
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Saida Fikri biography

SAIDA FIKRI, singer, songwriter, musician and a great representative of modern Moroccan music, sings against racism and intolerance, and for love and peace.
Saida Fikri began singing at age 8 and wrote her first song at 12, so it isn't a surprise that she has gone far in her career.
Saida Fikri is part of a new generation of female singers who for the first time have had the courage to express themselves through a personal style about subjects which concern them deeply. Always concerned with writing brand new songs of different genres, Saida Fikri has ended up creating her own inimitable style. Moreover, she is a total artist: writing her own words, composing her own music, and performing her own songs, she is responsible for all the elements of her art from start to finish.

Saida's eight albums reveal her musical talents as well as her strong, personal worldview. Her unique and innovative style, which incorporates elements of rock, blues, jazz, traditional North African Arab music and Berber rhythms, expresses themes like youth, exile, alienation, racism, poverty, intolerance, and peace and love. Both her music and her subject matter have touched the hearts of all people.

Saida Fikri has given performances in North Africa, Europe, and the U.S.A. After the release of her debut album in 1994, Saida Fikri was invited by the J.O.C Federation of Brussels to give a concert performance after a march against rasicm, discrimination, and for human rights. The concert was held at Brussels's Grand Place where people from all nations and races gathered for the event. Later, in 1998 she was invited to give a series of concerts by the Belgian government as a representative of young North African women, in order to show that women from that region were as intelligent and creative as women in the rest of the world. During her stay in Belgium, Saida Fikri attended many workshops and conferences. In the same year, she gave a performance at Paradiso, Amsterdam's world-famous concert hall, a temple of modern music devoted to international musical stars. (The Dutch tour was organised by W.F. Concert Division.)

As a resident of the United States, Saida Fikri released an album for the US market, dedicated to peace and lover, her seventh, "One World".

Her brand new 2006 album, her eighth, called "Essilm" (or Peace), has just been released. The songs in "Essilm" are performed in English, French and Arabic and create a brand new flavour of music by incorporating rap and hip-hop beats. Saida's new album is full of enchanting new songs, full of fine vocals and mesmerizing new beats.

Saida Fikri has had many difficulties throughout her career. But Saida Fikri is still breathing the sense of music thanks to her many fans around the world.

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