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Name : Style Souss
Country : Maroc
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Style Souss biography

As their name indicates it, the four MC of Souss Style come from Agadir and carry high the standard Berber delor culture. “I have the rage to defend my pride”… They zappent without difficulty between troislangues: soussi, Arabic, French, and do not hesitate to draw from the local traditional musics to build their instrumental. On the spot, they took part in two important scenes: the Timitar festival and the Tamazirt festival.

Like one voice the name of the group, one quickly made an impression of or that Vien and of which city also, then this group and to form in 2003 at the time of a festival of the international hip hop to organize by doss clan “Mc Dimeh & Dj Face” with the assistance of Conceited person Man Joe. after the participation of style souss in this festival, at the time style souss and to form tmoins and conceited Joe, after this event, mc dimeh it moves and it lives one can close to conceited person Joe and then mc dimeh he became member of the group, then he are made not trunk in concert them them three and then he are put a project, the boulevard and has this edition of the fol y' had between 60 and 80 request for participation, he are successful has to be to select and after this selection and it is when the two other come members his “dj face and driss David” and the history have to begin style souss, and this stays y' has a young rappor which have just been with them these microphone mjnon. mc dimeh has them it occasion to live in Switzerland but that does not prevent that it is more in the group and for cella one proposes to you titles of style souss new A to listen

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