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Assala Nasri biography

Asalah Mostafa Nasri (Arabic: أصالة مصطفى نصرى) (also known as: Asala, Assala and Assalah) (born May 15, 1969) is a Syrian singer but since 2006 she also holds Bahraini citizenship. She is widely known in the Arab world.

Asalah was born in Damascus, Syria. She has been active since 1991. She has two children: Sham and Khaled from her first husband Ayman Al Zahabi. They were divorced in 2005. Then she married Tarek Al Eryan who is a famous director in 2006.

Her late father Mostafa Nasri was a well known singer in Syria. He discovered her talent for singing and pushed her into the career when she was 4 years old to perform children's, patriotic and religious songs. She sang the intro "Qesas Al Sho'oob" (Arabic:قصص الشعوب) of the very popular cartoon "Hekayat Alamiyah" (Arabic:حكايات عالمية).

She was very attached with her father who died in 1986. It was the greatest shock in her life. She stopped singing for three years and took the role as father and mother of her younger brothers and sisters: Reem, Amani, Ayman and Ayham.

Although she is Syrian she holds a Bahraini citizenship since 2006. It was granted to her by Bahraini King Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa. The singer was granted citizenship a few days after she gave a spectacular performance in the operetta Love and Loyalty in celebration of Bahrain’s Independence Day.

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