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Latifa Tounsia biography

Pop music star Latifa was born on February the fourteenth in Manouba, Tunisia, located North Africa. Born into a small white house like all other houses of Tunisia, between the gardens of Tunisian Jasmine she grew up. Latifa associated the color white in her life with truth and honesty which became an important part that formed her personality.

Since the beginning of Latifa profession in art, she worked with professionals and most talented in the art field. They were artists who quickly believed in her talents, goals and commitment. Starting with professionals from the beginning, gave Latifa a solid start and strong desire to continue on the same road, deciding not to produce any work without being signed by professionals and most notable names in the art profession.

Latifa has more than ten albums including various styles and different Arabic dialects. She was one of the first Arab artists who filmed their music videos in the Cinema-Clip style.

Latifa first and only experience in film making was with the very famous Egyptian and international director Yousif Shaheen who directed her movie Silence…we're rolling in 2001 through a French - Egyptian co-production. The movie participated in Venice international festival and was distributed to all Arab countries, and Europe.

Latifa crowned her work with senior art figure when she was chosen by one of the most important figures in the theater history locally in Lebanon and nationally in the Arab world Mansor Rahbani to be the leading actress in his latest drama play Reign of the shepherds along with many Lebanese actors. It was then said that Latifa has mastered performing the Lebanese dialect as the first time!

When Latifa wished to perform a song in French she cooperated with Universal Corporation, where she distributed in the French market an album containing her songs in French which received a great success in Europe and the world. Latifa main song in the album was chosen as the song of the week in the French channel TV5, TFI, and was rated the fifth song on the charts among the world 5 top songs according to a poll in Elle magazine.

Latifa has one experience singing in English.  Her song Take me I'm yours with the formers of well-known British band Squeeze which also met a great success in America. Lately, Latifa signed a contract with Warner Company to distribute her work in Europe and the United States of America. The first work with Warner cooperation was her new song Khalouni; an Algerian folklore - widely known as Raï or Rai - which was distributed in the international market within a record containing the best of Latifa.

Latifa received several important national and international Awards, and her happiness reached its peak when Tunisian President, Zein Alabdeen Bin Ali, granted her the medal of Cultural Merit as an appreciation for her effort in giving an honorable image of the Tunisian artist and being proud of her country in every place she travels to.

In 2004, Latifa received the World Music Award from Las Vegas for the great success of her song Ma Etrohsh Ba'ed as best in Arabic countries of the mentioned year. Latifa mentioned that her happiness with this award is only because she will be receiving it from the United States; Latifa flew to the Las Vegas, United States to say, in front of billions of audiences through hundreds of American and global channels, that her happiness wont be complete without the liberation of the Palestine and the Iraqi people. This speech had a good impact in the audience who applauded strongly, indicating that not all the American people pro-war or are against the Iraqis and the Palestine people. Honoring guests whom attended the World Music Award 2004 from different places in the world has praised Latifa on her effective speech.

Latifa performed countless of successful concerts on great stages in different parts of the world. Latifa had concerts in Cartage ancient theater in Tunisia, and in Jerash ancient theater in Jordan, in addition to her concerts in each of Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Oman and UAE. Latifa also had only, but very successful concert in 1997 Albert Hall, London and another one in Paris in 1994.

Latifa participated in several national and international events and represented her country in them. Latifa held the Olympics torch when it crossed the Egyptian lands, 2004. Besides this athletic event Latifa met with the famous artist Demis Rouses. In 2005 she was selected along the artist Rickey Martin to be guest of honor in the twenty fifth Arab children congress which was held in Jordan's capital Amman, prepared by her majesty Queen Nour Al-Hussein. Once again Latifa didn't forget her nation's issues during the opening ceremony, she mentioned that the Middle East is the nativity of prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H), Moses and Jesus who all called for justice in order for the Palestinian, Iraqi and Darfore children to live in justice and fairness. Besides the congress the participating children submitted a recommendation for the UNICEF demanding that Latifa should be the Good Will Ambassador for her giving and human generosity through her benevolent concerts and repeated visits for the S.O.S Village children, and her honorable and responsible patriotic stand.

Its worth mentioning that Latifa believes every artist must interact with the issues of their nation. As for herself she considers the Arab World will always have a special place in her heart, the reason why we see her overwhelmed by the issues of the suffering of nations from Palestine to Iraq, and threatened from Syria to Lebanon reaching Darfore. For Latifa, the Palestinian and the Iraqi cause are her greatest concern and the reason for her tears to shed. But she never stood speechless as she had many works that support speaks of the people and their problems, making sure the innocent people voice is heard.

In 2005, Latifa established Latifa foundation to be the first institution for an Arabic artist to support the benevolent activities in the region and throughout the world. Latifa decided to donate a big portion of her concerts, and any of her works income to the establishment, which will be joining a number of notable and famous stars and important public figure names that will be announced in the near future.

The foundation will be organizing benevolent art tours including great artists, touring almost all countries and regions in the Arab world to support the projects and the goals of Latifa's foundation.

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